The Sports in Tanzania has a long history, in most cases when one speaks of sport reference is made to football, which draws thousands of fans. At National level there is a Ministry that is responsible for sports and there has been a change over from one ministry to the other. Currently sports activities are under the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, there is no doubt that five sectors are related.


It is agreeable that in most cases youth are the one who are looking for employment, but also they are involved in sports. It is imperative thus that the combination of department under the Ministry matches with the needs and requirements of each other. For example development of youth activities has an impact on identification of sports talents, on the other hand, sportsmen and women need to have stable employment to be able to perform well and run their life accordingly.


Appropriate forms of sports and physical activities play a significant role to prevent as well as help cure many of world’s leading non communicable diseases.


Evidence shows that regular participation in physical activities provides individuals with wide range of physical, social and mental health benefits. Gidabuday Sports Tourism Foundation intends to promote sports internally and externally to fight diseases including HIV/AIDS, Malaria etc.


The main objective for the initiative is to invent excellence in athletics and its importance on health, tourism, economic development, academic excellence, as well as in promotion of volunteerism for development philosophy and how the same can be used to prevent our young generation against HIV/AIDS, reduce dependency in the society, and assist in the fight against poverty. Also to mobilize resources in terms of awareness, willingness, solidarity, integrity, participation and community engagement including rising funds to build schools for pastoralists rural areas. And eventually to build the first modern permanent high performance training center to accommodate all future athletics training needs in Tanzania


Kids Mini – Marathon will be hosted as part of national talent search, part of which is Athletics Tanzania’s strategic plan to transform sports of running from grassroots to compete with the world class athletes in the future All African Games, World Championships and Olympic Games.