About Us

Gidabuday Sports Tourism Foundation (GSTF) was established by Wilhelm Francis Gidabuday and Eva Baltazar on September 2015 and received full registration under the provisions of Trustees’ Incorporation Act (CAP. 318 R.E. 2002) on April 25th 2018. The trust is based in Arusha Tanzania as its headquarters, GSTF is a Non-Profit Organization; its main purpose is to Promote, Sensitize and Enforce education through athletics.   

Gidabuday Sports Tourism Foundation was founded to assist development of athletics targeting underprivileged communities, promotion of tourism and Culture through sports (Athletics Tourism), promotion of athletics scholarships for qualified athletes with passing grades as well as production of sports and cultural events – national and international with the ultimate goal of establishment of High Performance Athletics Training Facility.



Gidabuday Sports Tourism Foundation (GSTF) is affiliated to Athletics Tanzania (AT), AT is the governing body handling all affairs of running events including track and field and marathons, it was established in 1954 and started sending athletes to the Olympic Games since 1964 Tokyo Games.

Tanzania has only two Olympic Silver Medals won by Filbert Bayi and Suleiman Nyambui in 1980 Moscow Olympics, since then the country has competed and returned home empty handed. Unlike other countries Tanzania lucks high permanent training center – that’s what prompted the need to initiate a plan for High Performance Athletics Training Facility.

Facility’s long term objectives will also be as follows;

  • To promote development of young athletes talents in their own localities and use the Centre as a focal point for athletics development in the country in which the youngsters will be selected from school championship
  • To provide academic and professional training in sports and socio economic activities so after their sporting life they are able to be employed
  • To develop an enterprising knowledge and understanding of running and managing business activities among youth.
  • To make the Centre as a tool for preserving youth from involvement in illegal activities like addiction to alcohol, drug abuse and tobacco that has impact in spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • To promote close culture activities with other institutions within and outside the country.
  • To establish a High altitude Centre in the Northern Circuit for promoting emerging talents of which most of the athletes come from.